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You can also buy some of my EasyDeutsch grammar books in a printed version as a "normal" book on Amazon.


With these ebooks you can learn vocabulary in a fun and easy way, or as a teacher you can base your entire lesson on them. 

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Grammar books / Ebooks


German Grammar Explained Easily

Main goal:

Reference book on German grammar - All explanations from student's point of view and according to my 95% principle, so that you finally understand German grammar and I prove to you that German grammar is much easier than you think! You just have to explain it using the 95% method!

Over 120 lessons! Simple, compact explanations that everyone can understand.

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DaF - Grammar Trainer

Main goal:

You want to not only understand the newly learned grammar but also use it? This ebook is the perfect workbook for "German grammar explained easily" - For each topic you will find the appropriate exercises including explanatory solutions.


137 German Prepositions

Main goal:

Understand the German prepositions and use them correctly!

ALL important information about all prepositions summarized at first glance!

Examples help you to understand the individual meanings and hints for use and application help you to avoid typical mistakes right from the start!

With the exercises you can directly test and apply what you have learned!

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Intensive Trainer - German Prepositions

Main goal:

The perfect complement to the book/ebook: 137 German prepositions. Over 120 pages of varied and fun exercises on all German prepositions. 

  • Exercises on alternating prepositions
  • Exercises on all prepositions
  • 120+ pages
  • Exercises for beginners + advanced learners

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German Connectors

Main goal:

Understand and correctly use the German connectors (conjunctions, subjunctions, conjunctional adverbs).

I give you a guide to help you and your students understand the conjunctions, subjunctions, and conjunctional adverbs and also use them correctly with the help of dozens of exercises.
I explain sentence structure and comma rules.

My lists and the many examples will help you to always match each connector correctly!

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40+ Grammar lists

Main goal:

Everything that you just have to memorize, in one place.

Just the lists all students and teachers are always looking for.

Complete and clear!

  • All lists with color markings
  • Great overviews
  • Lists with all relevant additional info
  • Lists sorted by level A1 to C2

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