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Printed books can currently only be ordered via Amazon.de. I can't give any discount on printed books because of the German book price fixing. All deals and discounts are therefore always ONLY valid for the Ebook version (PDFs).


German Grammar Explained Easily

Over 120 lessons - simple and understandable explanations of German grammar, written in English.

Single Price: 17€ To the Deals

  • Ebook = PDF-file as instant Download
  • Instant download after purchase
  • 400 pages - Explanations 
  • Bonus: Video Lessons

DaF - Grammar Trainer

The perfect workbook for "German Grammar Explained Easily" - The right exercises for every topic, including explanatory solutions.

Single Price: 17€ To the Deals

  • Ebook = PDF-file as instant Download
  • Instant download after purchase 
  • 270 pages, 300+ Exercises 
  • 100+ Lessons
  • With explanatory solutions


I give you a guide to help you and your students understand Conjunctions, Subjunctions, and Conjunctional Adverbs, and use them correctly with the help of dozens of Exercises.
I explain sentence structure and comma rules. 

My lists and the many examples will help you to assign each connector correctly every time!

Single Price: 17€

  • Ebook = PDF-file as instant Download
  • Instant download after purchase
  • 180 pages - Explanations & Exercises 
  • Lists: Conjunctions, Subjunctions, Conjunctional Adverbs

137 German Prepositions

ALL important information about all prepositions summarized at first glance! Examples help you to understand the individual meanings and hints for use and application help you to avoid typical mistakes right from the start!

Single Price: 17€

  • Ebook = PDF-file as instant Download
  • Instant download after purchase
  • 135 pages - Explanations 
  • Lists: Verbs/Adjectives with fixed Prepositions

Intensive Trainer: German Prepositions

The perfect complement to the Book/Ebook: 137 German Prepositions. Over 120 pages of varied and entertaining exercises on all German Prepositions!

Single Price: 17€ To the Deals

  • Exercises for Two-Part Prepositions
  • Exercises for all Prepositions
  • 120+ pages
  • Exercises for Beginners + Advanced

40+ German Grammar Lists

The lists every student and German teacher is looking for.

Complete and well organized lists!

Single Price: 17€ To the Deals

  • Color coding for easy understanding
  • Great Overviews
  • All the relevant info, including short but sweet explanations
  • Lists ordered from level A1 to C2

Exercises A1 + A2

Practice your German grammar with over 250 pages of entertaining exercises.

Including commented solutions.

Single Price: 17€ To the Deals

  • More than 250+ pages of Exercises and Worksheets
  • Including answer key
  • Entertaining

Exercises B1 + B2

Practice your German grammar with over 200 pages of entertaining exercises!

Including commented answer key.

Single Price: 17€ To the Deals

  • More than 200+ pages of exercises and worksheets
  • Including answer key
  • Entertaining
Explanation + Exercises

German Cases? No Problem!

You'll understand the cases or get your money back. Step-by-step instructions on the Nominative, Accusative, Dative, and Genitive. Lists of Prepositions and their cases, plus dozens of Exercises.

Single Price: 17€ To the Deals

  • 200+ pages - Exercises & Worksheets
  • Including Answer Key
  • Entertaining

Intensive Trainer - German Cases

Practice the German cases! Over 70 pages of Exercises for the Cases from level A1 to B2!

Perfect as an additional exercise Ebook to the Ebook "German Cases? - No Problem!“

Single Price: 17€ To the Deals

  • 70+ pages -Exercises for the Cases
  • Including Answer Key
  • Suitable for Teaching and also for Self-learners

Trainings & Online Courses

German B1 Exam Preparation

This course is for anyone who is preparing themselves or students for a B1 exam at TELC / the Gothe Institute or ÖSD.
Ideally you still have 4-5 weeks until the exam, but even if you only have one week left, this course will help you achieve a better result on your B1 exam.

Single Price: 47€ 

  • Tips und Strategies
  • What does the examiner pay attention to?
  • Time Saving Methods
  • Be prepared and know the structure and the exercises inside out!

14 days money back guarantee

There is always a 14 day money back guarantee on all books and Ebooks if you are not satisfied. All you have to do is send me an Email here: [email protected]

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5 + 5 + X - Grammar-Superstar

Buy 5 Ebooks and get 5 for Free + Bonus 1: 100+ Grammar Units

Deal: 10 Ebooks + over 100 Grammar Lessons! 

  1. EasyDeutsch - German Grammar Explained Easily - (Preview)
  2. DaF - Grammar Trainer - 300 Exercises - (Preview)
  3. 40+ German Grammar Lists - (Preview)
  4. Nominative, Accusative, Dative or Genitive? - (Preview)
  5. German Connectors - (Preview)
  6. Intensive Trainer: German Cases - Free - (Preview)
  7. 137 German Prepositions - Free - (Preview)
  8. Intensive Trainer: German Prepositions - Free - (Preview)
  9. Exercises: Level A1-A2 - Free - (Preview)
  10. Exercises: Level B1-B2 - Free - (Preview)
  11. Bonus: 100+ Grammar Units - Video, PDF, Exercises - Perfect for Self-learners and as homework for your Students.

5x17 = 85€ - 219€