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German grammar is super complicated, right?


EasyDeutsch will end your struggles with German grammar:

Here at EasyDeutsch, you learn the system behind German grammar and let go of your fear of making mistakes!

My explanations focus on the 95% of words that follow the general rule and are used most often. Other grammar websites and books tend to do the opposite - spending lots of time talking about every single exception, even the ones that only come up once in a blue moon. It's almost like they want to make German grammar look like it's impossible to learn!

I'll show you how German grammar follows a clear and amazingly simple system. Choosing the right article, adjective endings, cases - it's all easier than you think! I promise!

One question I get again and again from students: Why didn't my teacher explain it like this?

At EasyDeutsch you'll find:

  • Explanations that everyone can understand and which avoid unnecessary grammar terms.
  • The Grammar Lists all students are looking for and never find.
  • Entertaining and varied Exercises covering all German grammar topics.

My Mission: 

  1. I want to tear down the wall between you and German grammar!
  2. I want to show you that German grammar is actually quite simple!

Meine Mission:

Ich möchte die Mauer zwischen dir und der deutschen Grammatik einreißen!

Ich möchte dir beweisen, dass die deutsche Grammatik eigentlich ganz einfach ist!

Jan Richter: Author EasyDeutsch

German Grammar is simple. It's only explained in a complicated way!

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What Others are Saying about EasyDeutsch:

I teach asylum seekers (from those who are illiterate in their own native language to teachers and companies) German without actually being a qualified German teacher.

The practical guide to the accusative and dative cases really helped both me and my students.

For the first time they learned that specific prepositions require certain cases. With your help I was also able to work with a teacher from Afghanistan, and after 4 afternoons covering the use of these two cases, I think she's ready for the A2 and B1 exams.

I found the summaries of the dative and accusative prepositions, as well as their overlap, especially good.

Hildegard Letzing

Volunteer German Teacher

Thanks to you, this is the first time that I've really understood German grammar. All of the explanations are clear and well-structured. They've made both my learning and my life a lot easier.

Marciel Weidmann

German Learner - Brazil

Hello Jan. I've been living in Germany for years. I have all of your e-books and must say that through them so much for me has really clicked. I want to say thank you. I also find your weekly courses really good. Although I already have the e-books, the courses push me forward and I learn even more. Thanks again!

Sholeh Erkens

German Learner - Israel

Why are my explanations simpler than your teacher's?

My explanations are simpler because they are written by a student, for students.

The articles and courses on this site were written by me after I learned German grammar myself, through the internet and with the help of other German teachers (just like you are doing right now). In school I really never understood why German was the way it was, so I had to learn it again myself before I could start teaching it.

I must admit, however, that I had a tiny advantage: as a native speaker I knew which version was definitely correct and just had to find out WHY? But besides that, I learned everything about the German language just like someone learning it as a foreign language. That's why everything is written from the perspective of a student and therefore as simple to understand as possible.

In my free grammar course, I show you just how easy German grammar is! Sign up by clicking here! 

How it all began:

In 2012, while backpacking through Latin America, I started teaching German for the first time. It wasn't my plan, but someone asked and I wanted to help. For 3 months I worked at a school in Guatemala teaching children from poor families and then giving private lessons to a good friend in Venezuela. At this point I have to say that I wasn't a qualified teacher. I had actually studied tourism with a focus on foreign languages!

While in school, my love of languages was non-existent. I wasn't very good in German, English, or French. Even in German class (my native language!), I never really understood what my teacher was trying to tell us. It was all too complicated, and I felt like there were no rules and no system to follow.

I was in the exact same situation that lots of German learners (and maybe you?) are in. At that time, no one could have predicted my future career as a German teacher.

Now back to 2012. Teaching German was so much fun that I decided to start teaching German professionally. That wasn't so easy, however, since my understanding of grammar wasn't so great!

I had to first teach myself German grammar, so I looked for explanations on various websites. Most of them were extremely complicated, with poor explanations and loads of grammar terms that no one actually needs to know.

That's why, in 2014, I started EasyDeutsch. I wanted to make my explanations accessible to all German learners, not just those in my lessons.

My Mission: I want to show you that German is easy; it's just explained in a complicated way.

Over the last few years, I have taught German in Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Most of my students love my teaching methods:

Simple explanations that focus on the 95% of German grammar that is regular, not on the 5% that is irregular. 




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The EasyDeutsch Team

Jan Richter Autor EasyDeutsch

Jan Richter Autor EasyDeutsch

For a long time I (Jan) was doing all the work at EasyDeutsch by myself. All of the explanations, lists, and articles are written by me.

I also answer all the emails the site receives and take care of the organizational and administrative work.

Claudia von myGermanAdademy


Claudia from myGermanAcademy creates most of the exercises here at EasyDeutsch and in the e-books. 

In contrast to me, writing entertaining and varied exercises comes easy to Claudia. That's why we've been working together since 2018 - making sure you get the best, most effective, and most entertaining exercises and worksheets that any German learners could want.

My Translators:

At the beginning of 2018 I decided to have EasyDeutsch (the website and e-books) translated so that beginners can understand the explanations better.



Ludmila EasyDeutsch











Zoreh EasyDeutsch



The e-books and website in these languages are already published or will be published soon. Translations in Portuguese and Czech are in progress. 

If you want to translate EasyDeutsch into another language, send me a message (lehrer (at) easy-deutsch.de). You need to be a native speaker and speak German at a B2 level or higher. (Payment is a 50% share of the profits, not a one-time fee!!!) 

EasyDeutsch E-Books - Exercises, Lists, Explanations:

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