You want to learn the German language and don't know how? There are several ways to realize your goal! I have collected the 7 best German learning apps for you!

This will give you an initial overview of which apps are available and which of them is best suited to your needs.

Note about the prices of the Apps:

Many of the apps have a different price depending on the country you live in and change the price often. The prices here are therefore without guarantee and serve only as a guide for you.

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1. Babbel


  • High Quality
  • Didactic Concept
  • Complete Language Course


  • Expensive
  • Long Contract Terms


For a price ranging from €7.99 to €12.99 per month, Babbel offers a unique learning experience!

Here you can find Free Babbel alternatives.

This language app is constantly reviewed and developed by experts. The focus is clearly on the transfer of knowledge! The quality of the learning materials available is a top priority at Babbel.

Babbel's interface is easy to use and brings joy to the learning process in any case. Based on English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish and German, German can be learned as a foreign language.

The scope of Babbel is huge! You can work with your new language over a long period of time. The vocabulary trainer and many repetitions help you to consolidate your new German skills in the long term.

2. Busuu


  • More Visual Content
  • Large Grammar Section
  • Complete Language Course


  • Sometimes the app hacks a bit


From 5,41€ per language you can buy the full version of Busuu.

This German learning app impresses with a unique community tool. The interactive exchange with native speakers makes learning a communicative adventure. There is also a free version that allows you to try out Busuu at your leisure.

The built-in media features such as TV reports or newspaper articles in the target language help to experience theoretical knowledge in practical form.

Many different knowledge tests show you what you have already mastered perfectly and where there is still room for improvement. The integrated grammar courses can be accessed at any time and contribute to your learning progress.

3. Duolingo


  • Playful Learning
  • Smooth, Modern Design
  • Good motivation system


  • Little Visual content
  • Hardly still usable Free of Charge
  • Few language for Germans


The paid version of Duolingo is available for a monthly fee of 7.49€.

If your native language is English, then Duolingo offers you a wide range of languages. This German learning app is characterized by high usability. The knowledge transfer is complemented by a playful design.

At the end of each lesson, there is a short test that shows you your learning level. There is a free version of Duolingo, so you can get a taste of how this app works.

Your learning experience is then determined by how many hearts you spend on possible mistakes. Only if you wait a day, pay an amount or buy the full version right away, you can continue with the language course.

4. Rosetta Stone


  • Many pictures for learning
  • Smooth learning
  • Complete language course


  • Grammar comes up short
  • Not free to use


This learning app can be used for about 10€ per month. There is no permanently usable free version.

Deutsch Lernen App Rosetta Stone

This German learning app convinces by taking into account your individual language level. It is a very challenging app that relies on your own thinking and reasoning.

The learning concept of the app does without grammar explanations. The grammar is supposed to open up for you from what you are currently learning. If you can quickly make connections, you will definitely have a lot of fun with Rosetta Stone!

The app praises small interim goals of yours with small motivating messages. All in all, this app makes a very good impression with its professional user interface.

Rosetta Stone is characterized by a high quality of learning materials and exercises. 

Perfect as a supplement to learning with the App

Free Email Grammar Course with explanations as video and/or PDF and exercises with solutions. Two grammar topics per week - always on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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5. Mondly


  • Playful learning
  • Chatbot simulates conversation
  • Very comprehensive


  • Fast very demanding


For 9,99€ monthly you can convince yourself of Mondly.

Deutsch Lernen App Mondly

If you want to turn your learning adventure into a game, Mondly is the app for you! The playful learning route will help your motivation to soar in the long run, which of course has a positive effect on learning progress.

A unique selling point of Mondly is the chatbot, with which you can practically practice everyday conversations. In addition, a very large range of German vocabulary is available.

In terms of learning quality, this app challenges you! The difficulty level increases quite quickly, so you should practice every day. About 40 lessons on different everyday situations will help you learn German for any situation.

6. FunEasyLearn


  • Very wide range of vocabulary
  • All levels of difficulty available
  • Much usable free of charge


  • Is not enough for language acquisition alone
  • Grammar comes a little too short


FunEasyLearn costs 30€ per month after a certain time.

Deutsch Lernen App FunEasyLearn

This app is not as well-known as Babbel, Duolingo and the like, but it still has quite a lot to offer. With a volume of 6000 words and 5000 sentences, it is far above what is offered by comparable apps.

There are explanations and facts for each word, and FunEasyLearn also provides a lot of information about the German language. There are learning tips to help you learn even more effectively.

All levels of difficulty are represented in this German learning app. FunEasyLearn brings a lot of fun into the learning process through the playful design and the different learning forms.

The app also has speech recognition technology that lets you perfect pronunciation.

7. FluentU


  • Videos for learning
  • Best app for visual learning type
  • Innovative learning concept


  • Expensive
  • Videos do not always build on each other


This app is available as a free and paid version. You can invest up to 30€ per month and get permanently extended content and access to all learning materials.

Deutsch Lernen App FluentU

If you are a native English speaker, FluentU is a good option to learn German. The German learning app excels at teaching the language through videos and audios with subtitles.

After you have used one of these media, this app will then ask you for some of the vocabulary words that occur, thus you will passively and actively learn the new language.

One drawback is that the learning videos do not always build on each other and sometimes the overview gets a bit lost. The user interface offers the right mix of serious language course and playful details.

Perfect as a supplement to learning with the App

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Conclusion to the 7 best German learning apps:

If you want to learn German, the 7 best German learning apps 2021 will definitely help you! Each of these apps has a different focus, so there's something for every type of learner.

Modern Design & Quality Content: Babbel or Rosetta Stone

You want quality content and love clean design? Then Babbel is the right choice for you. The high quality of the learning materials is the main focus of this app. Rosetta Stone offers a similar experience. The user interface looks very professional and automatically directs the main attention to the learning content.

Playful learning: Mondly or Duolingo

If you want to make learning a fun adventure, you should check out Mondly and Duolingo. The playful interface creates joy and motivates you to stay on the ball in the long run.

International Communication: Busuu

Busuu focuses on international communication with people all over the world! If you like to communicate with other people and native speakers, Busuu is the right German learning app for you!

Mixture of Game & Content: FunEasyGerman

FunEasyLearn is characterized by a loving design and numerous exercise options, background information and games. This results in a good mixture of play and knowledge transfer.

Learning with videos: FluentU

If you like to learn with the help of graphical support, FluentU with its learning videos is a good option for you.

Learning with a German teacher?

If you prefer to work with a German teacher rather than a German learning app, you can also find Online German Teacher on EasyDeutsch to help you out!

Perfect as a supplement to learning with the App

Free Email Grammar Course with explanations as video and/or PDF and exercises with solutions. Two grammar topics per week - always on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sign up now for the free grammar course from EasyDeutsch!

Did I forget an app? What is your favorite app? Write a comment with your experience!

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