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What makes EasyDeutsch different?

There is a Free Video Lesson for almost all lessons! So it's just like having a teacher explain the topic to you in person!

All my explanations are always:

  • written from the student's point of view,
  • with the focus on the important things and not the exceptions that you almost never need anyway!


My Readers

EasyDeutsch - LEser

Hello Jan. Your explanations are really very "easy" to understand and apply. I found your site while looking for an explanation of locative prepositions, because I'm tutoring a young refugee in German. Super! Danke.

Renate - Germany

EasyDeutsch - LEser

Thanks a lot! Your articles are a big help! I'm a German teacher in Greece.

Jota - Greece

EasyDeutsch - LEser

This is a great site. I teach a German course and my adult students can work well with your explanations.

Steffie - Germany

Who is behind EasyDeutsch?

Jan wrote all the statements, created the website, helps teachers build a successful online business, and also handles email marketing.

Karina has been writing exercises for EasyDeutsch since 2019 and has written the DaF grammar trainer and the intensive trainer on German prepositions.

Claudia has been writing exercises for EasyDeutsch since 2017 and has written the exercises for the cases and the two ebooks with grammar exercises from A1-B2.

Kerstin takes over large parts of the email support since 2018. She unlocks downloads for you and also answers many grammar questions.

Customer Satisfaction

So that our customers don't have to take any risk, we offer a 14-day money back guarantee on all Ebook purchases.


Over 99% of our customers are satisfied with the ebooks they buy.

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The EasyDeutsch - Ebooks

German Grammar Simply Explained

300+ pages of German grammar reference with over 120 lessons!

Simple, compact explanations understandable for everyone!

Includes free video lessons for almost all lessons.

Translations in over 7 languages also available!

DaF Grammar Trainer

The exercise book for EasyDeutsch grammar.

137 German Prepositions

Everything you need to know about German Prepositions.

Cases? No Problem!

Finish your problems with the German cases.

Grammar Exercises A1-B2

Over 500 pages of exercises on all grammar topics.

Are you looking for a German Teacher or are you a German Teacher yourself?

EasyDeutsch helps you!

Find German Teacher

You are looking for an online German Teacher? You can find an online German EasDeutsch - German Teacher database who teach online - from exam preparation to conversation courses.

Find the perfect teacher for you now:

Material & Help for German Teachers

You may share all EasyDeutsch materials with your students as individual lessons - printed & digital. I also offer you the opportunity to train and support you in building or growing your own online business.

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More feedback from my Readers!

"I teach German to some asylum seekers from illiterates - also in their mother tongue - to teachers and entrepreneurs without being a German teacher myself.

The practical instructions on Dative and Accusative case have helped both me and the students. I guess the state teaching must not be top notch.

So they learned from me for the first time that certain prepositions require a certain case. With your help, I practiced using these two cases with a teacher from Afghanistan for four afternoons and I think she is fit for her A2 and B1 exam.

I especially liked the summary of div. prepositions for dative, accusative and their overlap."

Hildegard Letzing

Volunteer German Teacher

"This is the first time I really understand German grammar thanks to you. All your explanations are clear and very well structured. You have made my learning and consequently my life easier."

Marciel Weidmann

Learner - Brazil

"Hello, dear Jan Richter, I have been in Germany for years. I have all your Ebooks and must say that many knots have burst with me . I would like to thank you. I find your weekly courses very good. Although I have your Ebooks, however the courses push one forward and one learns even more! Thanks again!"

Sholeh Erkens

Learner - Israel


Who is writing here?

My name is Jan. I am a self-employed German teacher and author.

With my website EasyDeutsch I want to prove to you that German grammar is much easier than its reputation.

Besides my native language German, I speak English, Spanish and Portuguese myself.

So I know how to learn a language and that's why my explanations are not written from a teacher's point of view, but from a student's point of view.

I know what is important for you as a student to understand the subject.

Here I prove to you how Simple Grammar is! 

Take your German to the next level now!

der, die oder das

In the Grammar course you will learn:

  1. How to guess 75% of all articles correctly! Without a Dictionary!
  2. Why you need only one Table for the whole Declination!
  3. How to always determine the correct Adjective Ending and case!
  4. Every Monday and Wednesday a new lesson with Free Video Lessons, Exercises and materials to Download.