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German grammar is simple! But often it's explained in a complicated way. If you don't believe me, I'll show you!

My explanations are written to be understood by students, not teachers. I focus on the 95% of grammar that follows general rules and not on the 5% of exceptions.

Here is an overview of all the German grammar lessons available on the EasyDeutsch website:

German Grammar by EasyDeutsch:

German Grammar Lists and Exercises

In addition to the explanations, there are also grammar lists and exercises for German grammar. You can find an overview of all lists and exercises here:

My mission is to show you that, despite everything you've heard, German grammar is actually not that complicated. In fact, it's the exact opposite! It's (usually) quite logical. The issue is that lots of teachers, native German speakers, and other learners focus on the exceptions to the rules, even when they only come up 1 out of 100 times. I prefer to focus on the other 99%! 

That's why I focus on a few things when explaining German grammar here at EasyDeutsch:

  • writing in a simple way
  • using grammar terms only when there's no other way
  • coming at the problem from the point of view of students who want to use the language, not linguists studying the language
  • giving you simple guides that are easy to follow and allow you to understand the system behind German grammar

Almost all of German grammar follows simple, clear rules. With fewer exceptions than other languages like English or Spanish!

If you accept that you have to learn the article together with the meaning of the nouns, then the rest is completely logical and a lot simpler than you think. Especially Cases, Declension, and Adjective Declension!



In my free German grammar course you get a new lesson every Monday and Wednesday via email. Including video explanation, exercises with commented solutions. In the first lesson I show you how to guess at least 75% of all articles correctly and why you only need the table with the definite articles for the entire declension and adjective declension! Yes, exactly only this one table and not dozens!

German grammar is simple, it's just often explained in far too complicated a way!

Jan Richter - Author of EasyDeutsch

For whom is EasyDeutsch - German Grammar written?

Basically, EasyDeutsch-German Grammar is written for everyone who deals with the German language - German students as well as German teachers. EasyDeutsch-Grammar is written as a reference website on German grammar and helps you to understand the grammatical structures.

You can use the website as well as the Books and Ebooks in language classes as additional material to train your own or your Students' grammar comprehension. The target group includes, above all:

German learners with little knowledge of German

As a German learner with little knowledge of German, you can use the EasyDeutsch-German Grammar to learn new grammar topics independently and to reread and deepen known grammar. If you don't understand the pure German explanations yet, the EasyDeutsch-Grammar is also available as an ebook in many different languages. You can find more information in the Shop.

German language learners with good to advanced knowledge

As a learner of German with a good to advanced knowledge, you can use EasyDeutsch-German Grammar to review and reinforce what you've already learned, or tackle specific problems directly. Is there a topic that still causes you problems, although you can already speak quite good German? Then you've come to the right place!

Native speakers with grammar problems

If you, just like me, don't understand anything in German class, then with the help of my explanations you will probably often see the light and grammar tests will no longer give you sleepless nights! Of course, the same applies if school is a long time ago for you and you want to help your children, grandchildren, acquaintances or refugee children to learn German. The explanations here focus on the 90-95% of words that work regularly. Understanding the system behind this 90-95% is enough to pass the test! 

German Teacher

If you are a German teacher, you may give everything you find for free on my website to your students without any restrictions. The only important thing is that the link to my website stays there!

This also applies to a limited extent to the ebooks. These may be passed on to students in individual lessons and unchanged. However, the distribution as a complete ebook is not allowed. For teachers or school licenses please contact [email protected].

How EasyDeutsch - German Grammar was born?

I started teaching German in the summer of 2014. At that time I lived in Brazil in a small village directly on the beach. There I was the only German far and wide. I was looking for a job, because I had moved to Brazil for my now ex-wife. When an acquaintance asked me if I could teach her daughter Julia German, because Julia would like to study engineering in Germany, I thought to myself:

Hmm actually I have no idea about it, but to explain and teach people something has always been fun for me! How hard can it be? 🙂 

Yes harder than I thought! I had to teach myself my own mother tongue basically anew, because I unfortunately never understood anything at school back then! As I know today, this was not only due to me, but mainly due to the disastrous way German is usually taught: With the focus on mostly irrelevant exceptions and perfectionism. 

That's why my explanations focus on the 95% of words that work according to the general rules and eschew jargon where it's not necessary. Therefore, with many explanations here, you will ask yourself: Why didn't my teacher always explain it to me this way?

I enjoyed teaching and that's why I started teaching German online shortly after and created my own materials on German grammar, because I didn't really like all the existing ones. 

I used to send these German grammar explanations to my students via PDF. If you've ever taught online, you know that this causes the following problems: student didn't get the email, can't open the PDF, can't download the PDF, or can't read the PDF because he opens it on his phone. The list could go on forever! 🙂 

What did I do to solve the problem? I put my German grammar materials online piece by piece on a website. Everyone can open the link and read it on any device! On exactly this website you are now! 

Since the site also finds Google, I have (ironically) also received many emails with the following question: Can I also buy the information as a book or PDF? 

That's why EasyDeutsch-German Grammar has been available (again) as a PDF (ebook) since 2016 and as a printed book since 2019! You can find both together with many other ebooks and books today in my Shop at

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