Learn German with Youtube - My Top 5 Youtube Channels for Learning German in 2021 Today I'm going to show you my favorite Youtubers that you can use to take your German to the next level! My own Youtube channel "EasyDeutsch - German Grammar Simply Explained" mit über with over 100 videos on German grammar is running out of competition here, because I want to introduce you to my own favorites for learning German with Youtube.

1. Learn German with Anja

Learn German with Anja

What & How do you learn?

  • Everyday German in an extremely entertaining way
  • Short stories in Germany but also from Anja's worldwide travels
  • A lot of funny dialogues
  • Language: Mix of German and English
  • Subtitles: yes, in English
  • Subscribers: 700.000+, Videos: 350+ 


  • You should speak English
  • Most videos are at Level A1-B1
  • With her 3plus1 German Academy, Anja also offers a complete language course.
Kostenlos bei Anjas 3plus1 German Academy anmelden

Anja is one of the "old hands" on YouTube. For more than seven years, she has been creating great language learning videos for everyone who wants to learn German with YouTube. The focus is on lessons for English speakers. In most videos, she explains or shows you something and then translates the most important vocabulary or phrases into English.

The special thing about Anja's approach is learning through short stories. Thanks to Anja, you can easily master all everyday situations.

You will learn, among other things, ...

  1. how to properly ask for the appropriate size in a clothing store,
  2. which words you absolutely have to include in your Christmas vocabulary and
  3. you even accompany Anja on her travels. 

All videos have English subtitles, so you can easily follow Anja. If you speak English, you can follow Anja's Videos even with minimal basic knowledge. If your English is very poor, but you can already understand German, then her funny and entertaining videos will help you as well.

Additional Free Material and Premium Content

Free: Sign up for Anja's 3plus1 German Academy and get free German training and insight into Anja's 3plus1 German Academy.

Kostenlos bei Anjas 3plus1 German Academy anmelden

Premium: In addition to the free German training, you can also buy Ebooks or complete German courses at the 3plus1 German Academy in which Anja Deutsch teaches you German using her proven 3plus1 method. Fun, entertainment and success guaranteed!

2. Samantha - Speak German Correctly

Youtube Deutsch lernen Richtig Deutsch sprechen

What & How do you learn?

  • Correct Pronunciation
  • How do you lose your accent?
  • Preparation for the Oral exam
  • Language: German
  • Subtitle: yes, 
  • Subscribers: 25.000+, Videos: 80+ 


Youtube Deutsch lernen Samantha Fernandez

Samantha is not only a German teacher but also a certified speech therapist. Samantha's focus is on speaking and as a speech therapist she naturally places great emphasis on pronunciation and intonation. 

Samantha's lessons serve as ideal preparation for the oral part of the German exams. The videos on her Youtube channel "Richtig Deutsch sprechen" are suitable for learners of levels B1 to C2.

Additional Free Material and Premium Content

Free: You'll also find a wealth of free exercises and materials on Samantha's Website 

Premium: If you want to get rid of your accent, you can also book private lessons with Samantha. You can also find her profile as a German teacher in the EasyDeutsch - German teacher database.

If you don't have time for Samantha's private lessons, I can recommend her new audio book: Pronunciation Basics - Speaking German Accent-Free in addition to her Youtube-Kanal.

Youtube Deutsch lernen Samantha Fernandez

Perfect as a supplement to learning German with Youtube

Free email grammar course with explanations as video and/or PDF and exercises with solutions. Two grammar topics per week - always on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Sign up now for the free grammar course from EasyDeutsch!

3. Maria - Your Language Coach

Youtube Deutsch Lernen Maria dein Sprachcoach

What & How do you learn?

  • Exam Preparation, Pronunciation, Vocabulary
  • Maria shares her experiences as a German learner & German teacher
  • Stories from Maria's life
  • Language: German
  • Substitles: no
  • Subscribers: 74.000+, Videos: 10+ 


  • For exam preparation
  • For advanced learners: ab B1
  • Free Ebook - 10 Tips for Learning German
  • Crash Course: German Pronunciation
  • Additionally very good Instagram-Account with 180.000+ subscribers
Youtube Deutsch Lernen Maria dein Sprachcoach

What it's like to have to learn German and where the difficulties lie - Maria knows all this not just from hearsay. She only moved to Germany from Russia at the age of 22 and had to learn German herself. This makes Maria a particularly great and empathetic teacher, because she can easily put herself in her students' shoes. 

On her YouTube channel "Dein Sprachcoach" Maria also gives lots of great advice about German exams and also talks about her life in Germany. The videos are totally motivating and just perfect for anyone who hasn't lived in Germany that long and occasionally struggles with certain German idiosyncrasies. Maria also has an account on Instagram, where she posts vocabulary and stories from her life almost daily.

Maria speaks only in German and without subtitles. That's why her videos are perfect if you already have at least a basic knowledge of German. My recommendation: from level B1 or B2.

Additional Free Material and Premium Content

Free:  On Maria's Website you can download for free her Ebook with 10 secret tips that helped Maria learn German.

Premium: With her Crash Course for only 37€ Maria wants to help as many German learners in this world as possible to get rid of their accent, sound "more German" and be even more successful!

Youtube Deutsch Lernen Maria dein Sprachcoach

4. Sprakuko - Sprache, Kultur, Kommunikation

Mit Youtube Deutsch lernen  - Sprakuko

What & How do you learn?

  • Everyday German, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammar
  • Entertaining videos in German only
  • Livestream/lessons every Wednesday
  • Private & Group Courses directly bookable with Patrick
  • Language: German
  • Subtitles: partly
  • Subscribers: 21.000+, Videos: 200+ 


  • Many entertaining videos on different Topics & Livestream
  • For beginners working with Immersion & Advanced from B1, as 100% in German
  • Membership for more Interaction
  • Website with more Explanations and Exercises
Sprakuko Logo

Patrick regularly publishes new videos on the German language. These include videos on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. He also gives helpful tips on learning German and preparing for exams! At the end of his videos there is often an exercise or a hint where & how you can improve your German language skills! On his website sprachekulturkommunikation.com you can also find a lot of additional content and exercises as well as individual, group and self-learning courses.

Additional Free Material and Premium Content

Free:  On Patrick's website sprachekulturkommunikation.com you will find countless articles on grammar, pronunciation, listening comprehension, exercises and much more.

Sprakuko Logo

Premium: You can become a Youtube channel member and for 2,99€ or 4,99€ per month you get different benefits, like live chats and discount codes for Patrick's German courses.

5. Easy German - Innovative German Teacher on YouTube

Youtube EasyGerman Deutsch lernen

What & How do you learn?

  • Everyday German, Vocabulary
  • The Easy German Team goes out on the street and interviews people
  • Vocabulary & Preview Videos (Super EasyGerman)
  • Lanugage: German & English
  • Subtitles: yes
  • Subscribers: 945.000+, Videos: 800+ 


  • Learn the German that is actually spoken.
  • For beginners & advanced: from A1 (If you speak English)
  • Community - Membership
  • Digital Community Meeting
Youtube EasyGerman Deutsch lernen

Behind this YouTube channel for learning German is a whole team from Berlin. Easy German is not only about the German language, but also about life in Germany and German culture. Founders Cari and Janusz launched the project in 2005. In the meantime, Easy German has become a large community. The special thing about this channel is that Cari and Janusz go out on the street and interview people spontaneously. This way, learners can hear what real spoken German sounds like. Thanks to the English subtitles, you can follow along even if you don't know German very well yet. The prerequisite is, of course, that you understand English. On the Easy German website you'll find lots of great learning aids such as a vocabulary trainer.

Easy German produces content in many different countries, including Poland, Russia, Korea and Mexico. The format has proved so popular that there are now also "Easy Italian" and "Easy Turkish". 

Additional Free Material and Premium Content

Free:  There is also a podcast and an app called "Seedlang". The podcast is free and there is a free and a premium version of the app.

Youtube EasyGerman Deutsch lernen

Premium: Instead of buying content like books or courses, you can become a member of the community. Easy German organizes regular meetings for all community members so that they can get to know each other and the people behind Easy German. In addition, depending on the membership, there is also an app with exercises and a podcast for members.

6. Learn German with YouTube: Deutsche Welle

Deutsche Welle is the foreign channel of the public broadcasters (ARD, ZDF, ...). It is primarily aimed at foreigners who are interested in Germany and the German language. Therefore, it is only logical that you can learn German with Deutsche Welle on YouTube - and quite differently than with the other YouTube channels.

Deutsche Welle tells Nico's story on its Youtube channel. Nico comes from Spain and lands at the airport in Germany. However, he doesn't know any German. The material is suitable from level A1 and introduces you gently and above all with a lot of humor to the German language.

Deutsche Welle even has a telenovela for learners of German at level B1 and above. Brazilian Jojo has moved to Cologne to study. Three seasons report on Jojo's exciting new life in Germany.

In addition, there are video series on many different topics. It is especially good that the video title always mentions the language level (A1, A2 , B1, ...).

Additional Free Material and Premium Content

Free: On the website of Deutsche Welle there are additional materials, such as exercises and grammar explanations. Often you will also find the link to suitable exercises under the video in the description.

Youtube Deutsche Welle deutsch lernen

Premium: No premium content. Deutsche Welle is financed by taxes and the GEZ.

German Grammar on Youtube: EasyDeutsch

Mit Youtube Deutsch lernen EasyDeutsch

What & How do you learn?

  • German Grammar
  • Simple explanations from the student's point of view
  • Lessons based on grammar books for reading along and additional information
  • Language: German
  • Subtitles: yes
  • Subscribers: 27.000+, Videos: 120+ 


  • Over 120 complete Grammar Lessons
  • For beginners & advanced: For beginners with the help of the subtitles
  • Free E-Mail Grammar Course with exercises and unit as PDF download
EasyDeutsch Grammatik

On YouTube I explain you in over 100 video all topics of German grammar on the levels A1-B2. My explanations always focus on the 95% of words that correspond to the general rules. I mention the most important exceptions, but I don't focus on a "Perfect" explanation with all exceptions, because then most students don't understand the 95% anymore.

My explanations are therefore always written from the student's point of view and have already led to an AHA effect with many German learners. The student's understanding is always the focus.

Additional Free Material and Premium Content

Free:  On my website you will find dozens of pages with explanations of German grammar. In addition, you can also sign up for my Free Grammar Course. Here you will get a new complete grammar unit (explanations as video lessons or PDF + exercises as PDF download) every Tuesday and Thursday. If you are a German teacher, these units are also perfect as homework for your students.

EasyDeutsch Grammatik

Premium: In my store you can buy single ebooks or ebook packages with a big discount. (To the EasyDeutsch Shop) Some of the ebooks are also available as printed books. You can find them on Amazon: To the printed books.

What is your favorite YouTube channel for learning German? 

Do you agree with my top 5? Let me know in the comments!

Jan from EasyDeutsch

Who is writing here?

German is simple! Is only often explained too complicated! At school I never understood what my teachers wanted from me with Dative, Accusative & Co. When I started teaching German in Brazil in 2013, I had to teach myself everything! My knowledge of German grammar was zero! I learned everything by self-study and found out that it's eigtl. not difficult at all and (almost) everything follows clear, structured rules! My mission is to show and prove to all who have not yet recognized these structures that German is simple, only often explained too complicated!


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