Grammar Exercises

Here you can find all of the free online and downloadable German grammar exercises available at EasyDeutsch. If you want even more practice, or simply want to help support me and EasyDeutsch, you can buy my Exercise E-Book - it's got over 250 pages of exercises and worksheets. 

Grammar Exercises:

Download and Print Out

You can download all of the exercises and print them out.

Solutions Included

With solutions AND explanations of why it's the right answer

Fun and Entertaining

Entertaining exercises instead of boring multiple choice questions.

Print Out the Exercises?

All the exercises can be downloaded as a PDF and printed out. If you are a teacher you are also allowed to use the exercises and worksheets in class and hand them out to your students, as long as the link to EasyDeutsch remains on the print-out.

Solutions with Explanations

The PDF file of each exercise also contains the solutions. The solutions include explanations about why it's the correct answer. For example, why you have to use dative and not accusative. That's not found in very man exercise books. You don't need a teacher to explain things to you; you can learn it yourself!

Who are these Exercises Made For?

These exercises were made with a focus on what German learners need and are for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of German grammar.

They are supposed to be fun and are filled with variety and entertaining stories. These exercises will help you understand and use German grammar.

Since they contain solutions and explanations, you don't need a teacher that corrects you and explains things.

These exercises are also a great thing for teachers - they can save an enormous amount of time that would normally be spent creating, correcting, and explaining the homework!

Download over 700 pages of exercises now!

  • Ebook 1: DaF - Grammar Trainer
  • Ebook 2: German Grammar Exercises A1-A2 
  • Ebook 3: German Grammar Exercises B1-B2 

"German grammar is easy; it's just explained in a complicated way!"

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Over 100 ready-to-teach grammar units on all topics of German grammar (A1-B2)

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