Two-Case Prepositions

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What are Two-Case Prepositions? (Wechselpräpositionen)

Luckily, most prepositions are related to only one case - no matter the situation, they always require that case.

However, there are some so-called two-case prepositions (two-way or alternating prepositions) - they sometimes use dative and other times they use accusative, depending on the situation.

Here are the two-case prepositions: zwischen, auf, neben, vor, an, in, hinter, unter, über

German Two-case prepositions

Prepositions: Dative or Accusative?

Accusative:   Question = Wohin?

The accusative is used when there is movement from point A to point B.

Dative:   Question = Wo?

The dative is used when talking about one set location (no movement from A to B).


Two-Case Prepositions (Wechselpräpositionen)

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