“Kein” – the Negative Article

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What is the Negative Article „kein“? (Negativartikel „kein“)

If we talk about the Negative Article, we talk about the Negation „kein“. The Negative Article only comes before the noun (like all the other Articles).

Nouns without Articles ("Zero Article") and nouns with Indefinite Articles are negated with „kein“.

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If you would like to learn more about when „kein“, „nein“ and „nicht“ are used, please see the lesson: Negation. This lesson is only about „kein“.

Declension of  „kein“ in all Cases:

"Kein" gets the same endings as Possessive Determiner or Indefinite Articles.

declension of kein

All endings are the same as the endings of the Definite Articles.

The only difference is that Nominative Masculine, Nominative Neuter and Accusative Neuter have no ending at all.

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More Examples of „kein“:

  • „Das ist Jens.“
  • „Er hat kein Geld.“
  • „Deshalb hat er kein Auto und keine Freundin.“
  • „Das ist Hanna. Sie hat kein Interesse an Jens.“
  • „Er kann ihr keinen goldenen Ring kaufen.“

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