Temporal Prepositions

What is Temporal Prepositions?

  • Temporal Prepositions are those related to Time.
  • Questions = Wann? Wie lange?
  • The Preposition determines which case to use.
  • Depending on the situation, we have to use different Temporal Prepositions.

Temporal Prepositions with Accusative

Temporal Prepositions with Dative

Temporal Prepositions with Genitive


Always make sure that the Prepositions are Temporal Prepositions and not, for example, Local Prepositions. The Prepositions „an“ and „in“ force you to use the Dative as a Temporal Preposition, but as a Local Preposition you have to use them with the Dative OR the Accusative. For more on this, see: Alternative Prepositions.

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